'Important news for all those who swore that they would never have tried another product for the weight loss'


A proven strategy tells you what to do to win back the shape, the energy, the look and the health of an athlete!

From the desk of: Alessandra Bedin

Dear Friend,

once I entered into a professional dance company. I was 21 and all it was needed, technical, coordination, musicality, I liked dancing... but I was a little bit overweight, alas, and those extra pounds were really too annoying, no matter where I went to be selected thus far! It seemed that I was destined to the crumbs in my field, until one day in October 2003 ...    

I discovered the secret to get rid of those nasty extra pounds in just 28 days: here's how a new type of supply in less than a month would have improved my complexion, the energy and the fitness!    

I never suspected that more than to deflate my whole body, this would have improved my overall well-being... And though at the time the dietician's guidelines have costed me hundreds of euros, I now personally can reveal you everything by sharing a brilliant tactic... and you would rather laugh like mad if you knew that these 'pearls' are ridiculously cheap.  

Now, finally you can control what type of body you want, observing day by day your weight and your inches disappear!

 'Hello Alessandra,   I told you that I would have kept you informed about my weight problems, hence I'll tell you that I have not lost a lot of weight, maybe just 8 Lbs, but this detox diet has deflated much the swollen stomach due of my child's birth (yes stomach! Not belly), however my husband has lost much more than me: he's a sportsman and thanks to your guidelines he has lost nothing less than 39 Lbs !!!!! Thank You !!!'

  Patrizia and Mauro

It was the ultimate solution for me and all my colleagues in ballet who needed, so to speak... to make a crucial revision to their body from the nutritional point of view! Each of us in the dance company has benefited of these tips (can you only imagine the dietician!!), and you could actually ask them personally the amazing results that they've got.    

The beautiful side is that... Just by replicating the strategy one month a year, the surprising result was repeated and, what is most important, was maintained even without having to avoid our favorite delicacies for the remaining 11 months, without ever getting fat again!!    

This system works all the time... In fact, it works exactly like a mathematical calculation: as 2 + 2 = 4!    

It is implied that if it has worked for us dancers, it will work for you today and for anyone who wants to pursue a healthy lifestyle. If you can attack a stamp, you can also attack your problem with the weight, and if I did it myself, you can do it yourself in just a few days: you just have to want it!  

You can imagine that no dietician will ever tell you anything for this ridiculous price, therefore you must grab your copy of this Report now!  

Also, if all the dieticians that I met beforehad had that same ability to succeed in their aim, do you think that the last I've ever met in my life would have been able to fail? Definitely... NO!    

Maybe you are tired of being out of breath when you climb the stairs. You are tired of not enter anymore in your favorite clothes. That's why you need to have this Report immediately - because otherwise nothing will ever change. You'll still be breathless. And you will still hate what you see in the mirror.    

What would happen if you had to pay for a major medical treatment because of excessive weight or a back problem? Do you have enough savings to cover a similar cost? Or would you rather preserve your health by resetting your habits and starting over from a nutritional re-education combined with postural and physical one, once and forever?  

Of course, this is nothing but a pdf printable document without major bindings or typographical efforts. But in fact it is not a nice centerpiece (although you still have to hang it on a wall and follow its instructions for 28 days): it's a simple manual whose information is worth gold. One from which you can depend on every day to feel fully satisfied with yourself and the results that you will notice, and will feel within yourself.

'Dancers, please check out great advice from Christian ballerina, Alessandra Bedin on getting your body in strong, dancing shape'

 Dawn Lawson Pruszkowski  


 ‘Hello Ale, I wanted to say that your diet is giving its results! I must admit that despite I've never liked the green tea, now it tastes wonderful with honey and lemon...'

Eliana Damore  


'Yes, I am following some suggestions from your healthy plan, you have put inside of it good and essential information'  

Valerio Conti  


Let me tell you how I did lose weight and stay in constant shape ever since, and how a desperate woman (me) has lost 4 Lbs of pure water retention with a fantastic detoxifying secret with which you lose weight while you sleep!

Before I tell you what you're going to get in this Report, I bet that...


  • You also want a solution for not 'collapsing' anymore of fatigue during the day, perhaps      also avoiding to take one coffee after another.    
  • You would like to return to have smoother and clearer skin without spending a fortune        on creams of dubious effectiveness    
  • You would not hate to go back and get more flexible, strong and responsive muscles for      your bike rides and sports activities    
  • You want to give a brake on the fall of your hair (but you do not know exactly how,            apart from spending money in vials that don't restitute the results you had hoped for)    
  • You would come back to go out at night only to proudly show off your renewed fitness
  • I especially bet you'd love to go back in shape enough to wearing those old sexy pants, right the ones that don't fit anymore like years ago (ouch!!)



 You just have to invest 28 days (4 weeks!) for your body, by following these simple yet crafty dietary recommendations, and you will get amazing results: you will stabilize in perfect shape for a whole year without having to repeat any more diets!    

Warning: this revolutionary 'food plan' has specific notions that most dietitians will NEVER reveal...    

But I want to be solidal with you here, because I'm giving away this report for only 7 Euros (yes, it's not a misprint). You can download it now and understand the mechanism of the perfect fitness through an intelligent and focused detox plan, without much hardship and with almost immediate results (tangible and visible within the first 2 days!), also avoiding the 'diet pills' or daily sweats at the gym!    

And above all, you won't have to commit any more crimes against your stomach... Such an amazing nutritional re-education, that you won't feel like going back to eat junk food anymore!    

The amazing thing, hence, is the speed at which this program works. It's really amazing to be able to throw away at least up to 1 Lbs of fluids and fat only in the first 2 days!     I understand that you don't know me... but I want you to have this before it is too late. Do not envy the stars... Be the only one to put into practice the best secrets of well-being! Now you too can access the amazing secrets of a dancer's perfect eating plan yet without the typical food privations of the dancers!  

Why should you buy from me? Because I have proof that what I tell you, works effectively and my clients know something about this. These materials have sold dozens of copies everywhere, even abroad, and I have never received refund requests. I know how to get the results you are looking for!  

This information is in fact NEW, and the first who come, the better is served!  

Are you tired of repeating frustrating diets one after the other and spending money in vain? Follow this valuable information, that really gives you a lifetime warranty. Who grabs them, will never have to worry about the risk of getting fat or sick because of the food, or suffer the devastating effects of stress on your body!  

Needless to say, you've got  the key to get out of all this even before you enter.


... And, if you'd like to, not only you'll get  the Report '28 DAYS FOR A YEAR OF FITNESS AND HAPPINESS', but also a series of useful emails that will give you some of the best resources which combine dance and health, to keep you perfectly fit without having to resort to traditional medicines, and most of all without spending a dime!

Your information will never be shared



  •  2 killers that clog the intestine
  • which foods you will have to buy for a month
  • which foods are to be avoided during the detox plan
  • how to match food and how to prepare it
  • supports and supplements for a healthy diet
  • valuable resources to explore the 'nutrition' topic

You'll also receive a Summary Table that you can print and hang in order to constantly focus on the actions of your 28-day detox diet.

 '...  Not only You have great expertise and undisputed know-how on the  product you sell, but there is also an undeniable added value that your customers receive on the human side, thanks to the experience of a life that shines through all your work.   I saw all the 3 PDFs and find them excellent, furthermore you are also creating a great personality and charisma even in the Reports themselves; you are near to the point of balance that leads beyond the simple learning experience but you inspire the people in your niche to improve in every sense'    

Valerio Conti  


 If you had to find this information around for less, I will refund you the purchase immediately! Moreover, given the high cost required by the specialists, this report repays itself, as if you had received it for free! But its value actually exceeds the (X) Euros required by a dietician just for a meeting  (let's not even talk about it, right?)   If you are in perpetual struggle to regain your ideal weight, then you can not afford NOT to devour the information contained in this Report. And consider this - the Report only costs you 7 euros, but you will see at least $ 200 of value because of the savings from the visits to the dietitian's who you WON'T have to meet and pay, therefore you must read it!   To ensure you that this is not a joke, you can use it for a month and after 30 days if nothing has changed by following these instructions, its cost will be entirely refunded without asking you any explanations!

 How much is costing you the back pain (caused also by your extra weight), along with all the effects of stress? And how many MORE money would you save if instead of thinking about losing weight and cure yourself with pills and medicines, you rather knew how to prevent any pain and extra pounds by allowing your health to flourish from the nutritional and postural point of view ? I bet that this would add hundreds of dollars to your budget this year... And that's why 7 euros for this Report are your best investment!  

For the price of a pizza, you too can discover the secrets to get rid of the intoxicating effects of the same pizza once and forever, without ever having to deprive yourself of pizza lifelong... Hence, grab your Report immediately! And... sorry, but this offer will NOT be repeated in the future, so order it now!


In addition to the Report of the 28 days, you will receive two Super Bonuses


How To Conduct a Healthy Life On The Go

 The Pillars of Wellness in 2 Progressive Lessons About Relax, Stretching and Posture

 Exercises that, although seemingly static, help you to progressively achieve the following priceless benefits.   Here are the TOP 12 REASONS why you should have these precious Bonuses today!

  • improve flexibility and posture
  • increase calmness, clarity and oxygenation
  • promote coordination between movement and breath
  • help relieve herniated disc
  • stretch your quadriceps muscles and superficial ones
  • set your back free from loads and strains
  • strengthen and protect the spine from backaches
  • improve the digestive and the respiratory system
  • improve the mental and physical balance
  • give more flexibility to your body and muscles
  • reduce stress by removing the negative emotions
  • fight the muscular aging

Maria Vittoria Viliani

A great experience...

'I have not forgotten the posture that helps me, you're unforgettable, you have left the mark!' 'I want to share my experience in doing Alessandra's postural and relaxation exercises. When I execute them, I get relief for my joints, my muscles and my posture as well as a huge inner wellbeing. In the end I can feel good in every sense, my physical pain diminishes, I am muscularly more flexible even managing to get up from the ground in an excellent way. Today Alessandra chose to spend our time in a different way making me perform the exercises alone while she was reading Psalm 119. It was wonderful, we have both received so much and the love of God has come down on us, making us happy and satisfied. I managed to have visions and when I came out I realized a total renovation. Thanks Alessandra for the sensitivity and attention you put into your work, also your responsibility is not heavy and I am motivated when I come to your lessons. I thank God for this gift and I greatly bless you'

Mrs Beth Bluett de Baudistel

I loved it!...

‘Alessandra, the description of the points of exercises for the back were VERY helpful. I have only read and done the first email but it was great! Furthermore, I read your very very good article on posture and relief of back pain. I loved it!’

But I warn you: these regenerating exercises won't be used anymore as a Bonus in the future, they will simply be sold once I decide to start the membership of my website. Then they will only be available to those who subscribe... or for those who will buy them. And they won't cost just 7 euros... After all, how much do you pay a whole stretching lesson for two hours at the gym, but potentially replicable whenever you want, lifelong?

Also for this reason, I will make these bonuses only available to the first 50 buyers, so as to keep them for other future destinations.


Tank you very much...

'Dear Alex, I've received all of what you have sent me. You were really kind and... useful for your really clear, synthetic advice, even with the little drawing... Thank you very much. Go ahead and send me emails, sooner or later I will answer... and above all I will try to apply myself. Thanks again wholeheartedly.'


This resource might be useful for you...

'Hello Ewa. I thought that this resource of Alessandra Bedin might be useful for you. I'm doing these lessons of posture and stretching with her right now and I can see the benefits. I send you a big kiss and a hug'


After the first lesson I feel better already!!...

'And from today I begin a new postural adventure in support of the dance with my wonderful teacher Alessandra Bedin. I never thought of being so excited for something so simple. But the good things at the right time are the best!! Thanks Ale for your talent and skills! After the first lesson I feel better already!!

 Obviously, however, I can not keep these solutions at such a cheap price for too long... I would not want to have some dieticians who begins to haunt me for this:-) So, if you want to radically change your situation YOU MUST ACT NOW, do not procrastinate the brilliant results that you may get from now in a month's time, you will be amazed by yourself (and will certainly impress those who live around you)!    

Order now '28 DAYS FOR A YEAR OF FITNESS AND HAPPINESS' and click on the purchase button, choose the payment method that you like best and you will be redirected to a page where you can download the PDF documents in a matter of seconds.      

I cannot wait to hear from you,  


P.S. I remind you that you are covered by a moneyback guarantee of 30 days from your purchase... Nothing better than this!  

P.P.S. Take advantage of the launch of the Report NOW before I take it away from the web or increase its price to its actual value…

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