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How many times have you found the need to correct your posture, or even find rehabilitative and preventive solutions for the muscle injuries that so often plague the dancers? How many times have you desired a good way to control the body weight in a safe, efficient and healthy way? How many times have you thought ‘Will there be some solutions to boost the metabolism without too much stress?’ How many times did you have to admit with regret that when you dance you don’t know exactly how to ‘breathe’?  

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Too often we underestimate as a work of ‘barre’ performed on the floor instead of standing can bring benefits both in a mechanical and aesthetic way, leading to a correct breathing, helping to adopt a correct posture. That’s why some problems are never solved: simply, we don’t face them in the right way!  


How to eliminate that ‘extra’ belly? How to straighten a back too ‘relaxed’? How to strengthen the muscles of the body in a coordinated, harmonious and deep way? How to learn to breathe when you dance? How to reach a good level of heating and stretching?     You have to know that the application of the bar on the ground in the life of a dancer is crucial. Yet, all too often this training aspect is neglected, and the results are not slow to plague the dancer: lack of balance, superficial physical sensations, inadequate tightness of the corset muscle, little and bad last-minute breaths, and furthermore you are at greater risk of injuries.




  In the world there are several techniques of Floor Bar, all generally related to the preparation of the ballet dancers. From now on, however, you can combine to your dance classes (no matter what discipline you’re following in particular, since the bar on the ground is suitable for all) a slender and easy program without having to resort all the time to expensive offline lessons, and monitoring Your results step by step! Whenever you have a doubt you can always contact me and I will answer you!

The NEWS is that The strong 30-minute floor bar – flash warmup in 4 square meters‘ doesn’t come anymore alone, because I’ve created a SUPERPACK with the Complete Brand New Floor Bar in 4 sections (General Warmup, Rotation, Flexibility&Control, Cool down&Stretching) and their respective VIDEOTUTORIALS!

Once learned, the sequences are fast, concise, effective and deep, go straight to the point and do not require too much space nor bars or mirrors.


Following this track you can choose the type of work you need (quick warm up or detailed bodywork) and finish all the exercises in just half an hour-45 minutes of work, experiencing immediate benefits that you can report in the printable sheet included at the end of the manual, day by day! It serves both as a pre-warmup and as an excellent physical maintenance, keeping you fit every time you need it. You will work to maintain correct posture and breathing, and muscle tone-proof costume. You will always have on hand a guide to take advantage of, no matter where you are, with precise instructions and possible pitfalls to avoid in each sequence, suitable to prepare your body for the next academic year without having to always depend on a teacher, and strengthening your muscle work every single day!

The name ‘floor bar’ recalls the exercises that the dancers perform at the bar, but it is more a course of warming up, stretching and gentle gymnastics in which all the movements are done on the ground, sitting, lying on your back or belly down.   This technique brings impressive results. It does not replace the traditional bar but it complements the work of the muscles, including the ones that are often poorly used, favoring therapeutic purposes. For each exercise is combined with an accurate and coordinated breathing rhythm in order to maintain the right level of blood oxygenation during the movements, and thus permit a greater muscle tightness.  


Its goal is to enable an optimal warmup while easing the work of the dancer, it avoids overloading the spine, the circulatory, respiratory and cardiac systems. In the fifties it has been demonstrated by its founder, Boris Kniasieff, that once one stands up, any movement (exercises or steps) becomes easier to perform and of better quality if you previously worked it on the ground.



Furthermore, it has proven being effective beyond the arts and sports fields, also affecting rehabilitation therapists and physiatrists. The bar on the ground is based on a thorough search of the right physical perceptions of movements, even the regular ones for a dancer, that suddenly, on the ground, gain a different meaning. On the ground you acquire a new awareness of the movement through a work of concentration that will allow, once you stand up, to work much more quickly and with a higher quality of execution. All this, seeking harmony, depth and intensity of the movement typical of the dancers.


How could this be useful to you?

• If you already attend ballet, contemporary, jazz, flamenco, tap classes…  

• If you want to deepen the knowledge of your body and dance with a better physical perception  

• If you have postural issues

• If you seek a “stretching” tailored on you

• If you usually work too much in contraction  

• If you find difficulties in breathing while dancing  


This is a sample of videotutorial that you find together with the floor bars


Children (aged 8 and up), teens and adults, sedentary people who want to try something new, athletes who want to improve elasticity and certain physical characteristics and muscles, and dancers of any style can benefit from a floor bar!

Being a physical activity that gives us back the pleasure of moving in a pleasant and harmonious way, it promotes well-being and awareness of one’s vital energy. It is programmed with a pain relief muscle relaxation exercises, and prevents back and joints pain in general. With the typical stretching and muscle toning of the floor bar, you can prevent osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. It is an original way to stretch and obtain a joint mobility of a dancer, plus the muscle tone of an athlete!



But why am I talking about this to you?


What experiences should I have to give you technical advice about dance?    

Let me tell you a little about me… I’ve been through meaningful experiences! The study of ballet from the age of four should have corrected a problem of rotation to the right foot… And ended up instead to become my life!   At twelve, according to the expert recommended by the dance school I attended at the time, I would even have had to wear a CORSET to straighten my back… This threw me in a deep crisis and traumatized me!

In my trail I landed in Cannes at the legendary ESDC Rosella Hightower Ballet School where I graduated as a dancer in 2000. After graduation, I travelled throughout Italy with different dance companies, even landing in Germany and Cyprus…

Then I got a specialization scholarship at the Choreutic Conservatory in Rome, where I also started courses for teachers and started getting prepared, as well as to dance, to form at my turn young dancers.  

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To the revolutionary and controversial teachings I was experiencing, I added a perfect postural program when I had the chance to participate to the legendary Ballet Masterclasses in Prague.  After having been teaching for ten years in different schools of dance (ballet, pointe work, jazz, propaedeutics, posture & more) and have directed my ‘physical’ school for three years before having had two beautiful children, I put into practice what I’ve learned so far while understanding how to deal with dance teaching, and can not wait to facilitate the task to those who would


‘figure out how to do it’! :O

But why I am sharing these solutions with you today?


    I find it infinitely uplifting, funny and useful to assist anyone who needs the ‘first steps’ to regain health in an immediate, natural and effective way (especially without spending a euro of physiotherapy), and assist with manuals, courses and consulting the dancers that they feel they want …


that ‘higher gear’ in dance!

I am happy to share this experience because I rejoice in tangible positive results thanks to these unique information, as well as in receiving precious testimonials of people who have tried it (if you like, even yours once you have got the benefits of this work: what I’ve learned and that worked for me, for sure it will work for you!).   In addition, the last thing I want is to leave this heritage dust among the archives in my drawers while I KNOW that you now you would have a great need of it and you could 100% benefit from the results obtained by me using these resources on yourself. I also love helping other young teachers, and students who want to perform always better!



The strong 30-minute floor bar – flash warmup in 4 square meters’?

and ‘The Complete Brand New Floor Bar in 4 sections (General Warmup, Rotation, Flexibility&Control, Cool down&Stretching)’?


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‘The strong 30-minute floor bar – flash warmup in 4 square meters’ and the Complete Brand New Floor Bar in 4 sections (General Warmup, Rotation, Flexibility&Control, Cool down&Stretching)

allow you to:  


• perceive and work the muscles too often not exploited to their full potential  

• reduce the physical workload  

• strengthen and stretch all your muscle mass at the same time  

• enhance the en dehors (rotation)    

• Improve the coordination of breathing and movements of dance  

• provide the exact perception of the alignment of the spine and lower limbs respect to the pelvis



complete muscle stretching

• a correctly aligned posture

a weight loss measured in inches and not in pounds thanks to exercises that thin the waist circumference and flatten your tummy

• acceleration of the metabolism

• the reinforcement of the deep muscle mass (in particular, the shoulder girdle, chest, pelvis, thighs, abdominals) and ligaments

• the correct handling of breathing

• improves coordination between breathing and combined movements of the body

• a better physical perception

• a deep warm-up

• improvement of technical skills through exercises useful for elevation and speed of movement with less overcharge for the muscles (all thanks to the absence of gravity)

• better quality of movement once standing up

• maximum increase of the personal “en dehors” (rotation)

• improved stability

an activity for anyone, regardless of age or level of preparation: the floor bar makes the principles of classical dance for everyone, so you do not need to be particularly articulated or trained to deal with the exercises!

prevents any muscle injuries, joint and bone pain and promotes rehabilitation in case of accident

• it also has aesthetic benefits, as it brings more grace and harmony to the body

• there are significant improvements already after only a few daily executions

the mind is more relaxed and concentrated and the level of attention increases considerably thanks to the exercises performed at slow speed

• slowness of movement helps to create a “muscle memory” and awareness in the transitions, exploited and confirmed in the remaining part of the dance lesson

absence of competition and possibility of emulation (everyone does it on their own!)

focus only on your body: you learn to feel and store what is right and physiological for you

• at a later time the auto-correction is automatic!

• functional, technical and aesthetic improvements occur even in conditions of partial inadequacy at dance

• increases the concentration before a show in a short time and little space

• a key way to create dancers that once professionals are able to improve themselves and preserve their body over time

• the total absence of visual field implies that you are forced to “feel” what you do not watch, for example if the legs or arms are in the correct position. Hence, slowly, the movement becomes part of your own feelings!

• In summary, the winning solution to achieve the balance of the mind and to pass successfully the summer test of the swimsuit!



  The ‘bar on the floor’ was born in the fifties thanks to the research of Boris Kniaseff, which aimed to reduce the workload of the dancer and studied how to replace the traditional exercises done standing while leaning on the bar. He realized that the same exercises, governed by the same principles, could have been performed in a lighter way lying on the ground. He noticed that, incredibly, the ones who had never approached the study of professional dance, got the most amazing results! Once up, he noticed that any movement was more simple to perform, with a significantly better quality if worked before on the ground!  

‘The strong 30-minute floor bar – flash warmup in 4 square meters’ and the Complete Brand New Floor Bar in 4 sections (General Warmup, Rotation, Flexibility&Control, Cool down&Stretching)

are the exercises that I myself always exploited while working in dance companies, and I was doing along with a few colleagues before actual bars and rehearsals. The results were amazing every time: better oxygenation, flexibility and stability, most of all the deep muscles got WARM and READY TO BE USED!


So… do it yourself with the company of your fellow dancer or before going on stage, have fun while running it, keeping you coached in the meantime!


Specifically, by putting into practice ‘The strong 30-minute floor bar – flash warmup in 4 square meters’ and the Complete Brand New Floor Bar in 4 sections (General Warmup, Rotation, Flexibility&Control, Cool down&Stretching), here’s what you’ll discover…  


How to preserve your body in a dynamic, painless and sustainable way (even just in terms of cost!) without having to invariably resort to physiotherapy


• The reason why most of the dancers struggle to maintain a proper muscle tone and a good stability and how you can start to put right bases in your physical and artistic work


• My secret method to finally get to a gradual split position in a more than bearable way!


• All the mistakes that you should know in detail if you want to run both correctly, and how to avoid them. These tips alone are worthy a fortune to self-correct you even without the help of a teacher: they will gradually increase your awareness and physical perception in just one week of daily executions!


• My secret formula to coordinate movements and breathing and find yourself more focused and oxygenated


• Exercises designed to increase the rotation, the flexibility in the hips and the back


• A proven method that will help to lessen inches in the line of the body and increase your stability (results detectable as early as after 7 consecutive days of work!)


• The truth about deep and progressive warmup, for an excellent base from which to start both dance lessons and general everyday wellness

  The good news is that you do not have to empty your wallet to get access to this information. In fact, you’ll benefit from my launch price of this summer!  


download (12)



 This Report is a part of a more comprehensive program that I am building in order to share as many resources as possible with those who love to dance and stay in health, so I reserve it to you at a very special price, considering that you can use this lesson when, how and where you want: it will always be with you, without you having to pay each time to do it again, monthly/yearly subscriptions to your gym!


And its cost is… believe me, MUCH LESS than a couple of lessons of floor bar!  TAKE ADVANTAGE NOW while it is still in the period of testing and launch, because I won’t keep it available for a long time, in fact I will include it in the Web Dance Academy monthly membership once started, and from that moment it will disappear from the online circulation.


Also because I want to focus on those who need and reserve the coaching to a limited and manageable number of people. Act now and reservd your copy before someone else gets YOURS!   Clearly, however, I will not leave you without some assurance of the goodness of this Report. I know that anyone would want assurances about its quality, so I’m willing to guarantee you the refund for a period of 30 days, in which you can try ‘The strong 30-minute floor bar – flash warmup in 4 square meters’, the Complete Brand New Floor Bar in 4 sections (General Warmup, Rotation, Flexibility&Control, Cool down&Stretching) and test their effectiveness from the earliest performances. And, if you are not satisfied, you can contact me by email and I will restitute the 27,00 euros without further explanation.  


Ok, why am I asking only 27,00 euros for this? If I have to tell you the truth, I should ask for more. But there’s a reason why I’ve kept the price so low. In fact it is the first time that I make this material available online, so this is a way to get a clear idea of how much request there is about it. Also, I will have more testimonials from satisfied customers that will be added very soon on this page… And this fact alone will allow me to raise their price. Finally, I want to surprise you with the quality of my services, so that you to become my lifetime customer. What a better way to do that than by offering an effective solution for a small price? In addition by purchasing today you will receive Two More Exclusive Special Reports! I know that the easiest way to make a sale is to give 10 times more value than you can get elsewhere for the same price. So, to make sure I give you at least 10 times the value of the price I’m asking, I’ve decided to give you the access to these exclusive bonuses for a limited period:


BONUS # 1: ‘Discover How To Be The Perfect Teacher!

This report explains in 85 quick and easy steps how to always get the most out of your lessons. Get ready to work hard, because the rewards will not be long. These notions are for the most part applicable even if I have to deal with others strands of teaching, and will make you a well-liked teacher, respected and competitive, bringing to teach effectively and inspired. Currently the report is already out of business. Which is why, if you are teaching or planning to start a business of teaching, now you can have it for free only with the purchase of  ‘The strong 30-minute floor bar – flash warmup in 4 square meters’ and ‘the Complete Brand New Floor Bar in 4 sections (General Warmup, Rotation, Flexibility&Control, Cool down&Stretching)’


BONUS  # 2: ‘First of all the Posture – How to Correct your Posture in 5 Steps’

The information contained in this valuable report will help you reprogram your posture without pain and with tangible benefits in the short and long term: the definitive solution to your back problems, those of your loved ones and for your students too!  

BONUS # 3: A Online Coaching Session 

For a period of 30 days, you’ll enjoy a 45-minute coaching tailored to your needs. Whether you’re looking for technical solutions applicable to your personal situation or to students who are attending your classes, I will be happy to help you in areas where you feel you need advice. All via Skype agreeing privately date and time.

That’s Why You Do Not Risk Absolutely Nothing!

If you are like me, you certainly do not like to risk even a single euro for material that could be a speculation. But I do not want you to risk anything when you will say ‘yes’ to my offer today. In fact, I offer you a 30 days ‘money back’ guarantee, so you will have all the time to try, test and verify the value of my product. If it does not satisfy you, I’ll restitute your money. Simple. Here’s how it works. If for some reason (or no reason) you decide that this product is not for you within the next 30 days, send me an email at the address you see in the bottom of the page and let me know. I will refund every penny and without asking you questions. Having clarified this, you have absolutely nothing to lose.


So what are you waiting for?

      Read what some of my students who have already benefited from these and other topics signed Web Dance Academy …

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‘Hey Ale yesterday I started to follow your exercise routines very useful, from your floor bar ’cause it makes me concentrate and relax This floor bar is a HOLY THING! I must say… today I’ve done it for the second time, I am still fixing them in my memory and trying to do them correctly but I already feel their benefits… I feel more flexible and ready to do a beautiful dance!!! xx’ Eliana Damore


‘After a month of work with you… The posture has improved .. =) .. definitely the Cambré has improved!! =) The feet also seem to be more pointed… I still have to work hard on the arms, which at times cede… the knee also is slightly more open and the legs in the grands battements have raised… I am satisfied… =) still have to work hard though…’ Alice Soppelsa


‘Hi all, Students (13 through adult) are encouraged to join Alessandra Bedin for her floor/barre class through the internet. She has a lot of great information and training tips that will help you gain strength, flexibility, turnout and alignment. This will help out so much in the summer months when there are not many classes. Blessings and Enjoy!’ Dawn Gilmer  



‘Ale I finally got all the muscles aching!’ Noemi Zellini  


‘Of course I’ll write to you, the floor bar has been very useful! 😉 Thank you so much, your suggestions are very valuable … I would like a report on specific exercises for a Developpe held high… I think it is interesting and not just for me! Meanwhile, I wish you a Merry Christmas and … thank you again!’ Elena


‘Dear Alex, I have received all of what you have sent me. You’ve been really kind and… useful for your really clear, concise advice, and even with the little drawings… Thank you very much. Please continue to send me emails, soon or late I will answer… and above all I will try to apply. Thanks again with all my heart’ Stefania


‘Thanks Alessandra for these precious teachings!’ Paola Doveri & Ignazio Vitali  



‘Hello Alessandra, I read your very very good article on posture and relief of back pain. I loved it! And the description of the points of exercises for the back were VERY helpful. I have only read and done the first email but it was great!’ Mrs Beth Bluett de Baudistel


‘Your work is impressive! I suffer from problems with my I.S. joint, I’m going to try your exercises and report back to you’ Torris Caston  


‘Hi Ewa, I thought that for your dance this resource of Alessandra Bedin could be useful. I am doing these lessons of posture and stretching with her right now and can see some benefits. I send you a big kiss and a strong hug, see you soon, Paola’ Paola Doveri

‘Dear Alex, I think you’ve done a wonderful initiative by creating this website. I think many of us have occasionally doubts or questions about how to teach and how to get the best results, maybe someone more and someone less. But I do not see anything wrong so it’s a very positive thing, which leads to considerable improvement and professional development. Even people with great experience after a while need a renovation. Many times you just have to stop and think, to observe and engage with other professionals and their experiences. Compliments. Good job.’ Marina


Have you read these beautiful comments?

So buy now and download the PDF’s, print them out and immediately begin to put into practice the simple exercises described in these new report, following the VIDEOTUTORIALS!   Obviously, as I said, this resource will not always be available. I’ll keep this for the summer until they reach the last 30 sales, and then everything will be offline in order to review the work and calibrate it on the feedbacks obtained with the surveys, to insert it into a larger project. Do you want to risk losing this incredible opportunity?   I know you’re probably thinking that after all it is better to attend the ‘normal’ offline lessons, you can never deny this, but have you ever considered the following details?


• Do you really bring home the know-how of your teacher?

• Does he or she help you track your successes?

• Does he or she reserve you a personalized coaching?  


And above all …  


• Does he or she write down his/her lessons for you?   Uhm, think about it… I’m sure NOT! You do not have to stop the classes, obviously you have to carry them out and apply yourself on them, but you CAN integrate, learn, improve, take advantage and always have with you what you need to know… handy and especially FOREVER!




I want to download ‘The strong 30-minute floor bar – flash warmup in 4 square meters’ now before the price increases! I understand that I will download the entire reports ‘The strong 30-minute floor bar – flash warmup in 4 square meters’ plus their VIDEOTUTORIALS for a single small investment of only 27,00 euros if I act now. I also understand that I have absolutely nothing to lose, because I am covered by your unbeatable warranty of 30 days, and if I’m not satisfied I can get back all my money!


PS. Remember, this is a launch offer, as a consequence the price is likely to increase at any time. So do not waste any more time, act NOW to get your hands on ‘The strong 30-minute floor bar – flash warmup in 4 square meters’ and ‘the Complete Brand New Floor Bar in 4 sections (General Warmup, Rotation, Flexibility&Control, Cool down&Stretching)’ plus Videotutorials before it is too late. Every second that passes is very valuable for you. Procrastination is just an excuse for not wanting to change the situation. Do you still want to ignore these secrets and regret later for not having acted sooner? Get the results you deserve, now!


PPS. As I already announced, I remind you that along with the 2 Floor Bars you will also get the two BONUS ‘First of all the posture – How to correct your posture in 5 Step’ and ‘Discover How To Be The Perfect Teacher!’ and in addition you get as many as 45′ Reserved Personal Coaching with me on Skype where we can get to know each other better, I’ll be able to deepen your case, give you guidance and advice and seek the best solutions for you!    


PPPS. I remind you that buying now ‘The strong 30-minute floor bar – flash warm-up in 4 square meters’ and ‘the Complete Brand New Floor Bar in 4 sections (General Warmup, Rotation, Flexibility&Control, Cool down&Stretching)’ plus Videotutorials, you do not risk absolutely anything, you have in fact 30 days to see if the resource is really useful for you! Also, this is a limited offer and at the achievement of 30 buyers I will take away the sales page. ACT NOW, don’t procrastinate your well-being anymore! Your success will be a shared one!  



To your health and always better performance, logo_wda4

Alessandra Bedin


  1. Hi Ale,
    I am so proud of the work that you are doing. Very detailed and will help so many dancers throughout the world to get their alignment, flexibility, strength and turn out. I would be honored to circulate this valuable information to those that I know in the dance community. Many Blessings! Dawn

    1. … And I AM honored to have such a great woman as a friend!!! Everybody’s knowledge should be shared in time to be used in order to edify and be a blessing to the world, beyond space and time. Let’s share again soon 🙂

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    sharing pleasant thoughts.

  3. Alessandra is amazing! She is doing a dance intensive at my home studio this week and wow…it was the best ballet class I’ve had. She has such a wealth of knowledge of how the body moves and how to isolate specific muscles. She also has the most amazing stretches. I was being stretched, but I loved it!

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