Know-How of the Perfect Teacher



You don’t have to be an expert teacher to see your students enthousiast to attend every class you run

  Hello, I am writing to you who are a more or less experienced trainer, in dance as well as – possibly – in other disciplines. Generally, little is known about the potential of an effective teaching, complete from every point of view, actively involving the student causing him/her to participate and enjoy learning as if it were – unbelievable but true ! – The most intense, memorable and ultimately pleasant moment of the day.


More than likely, you’ll have to deal with students who are tired, bored and induced to ‘ forced labor ‘, not always ready to work. The result? They are bored, and you get bored too. Your teaching becomes a daily routine, and you don’t honestly know which one is worse… theirs or yours!   What if instead you had the key to capture the attention of your students while you become their undisputed leader, potentially the most acclaimed in your area and beyond?   What would happen if you knew how to hook them the right way and transform the spiritual, didactic and logistic atmosphere of your teaching, and if you could do it both immediately, in the medium and long term, in an excellent and indisputable way? In a word: memorable?


Would you like your students to remember you forever?

  Well, I think I have just the thing for you. After only ten years of teaching, honestly I rarely remember to put into practice all the principles that you are about to discover. But if I had ever did it regularly, probably I would have live just with this. I am not only speaking about finances (although this becomes a natural consequence), but also of the true ‘meaning of life’!  



How much happier would you be if you knew that you are seeding something excellent and permanent in the young lives of those who, willingly or not, have to follow you?

How much counts for you the fact to become a LOVED teacher, and not a hated one?

What would happen if you could benefit from working sheets conceived to make you fully operate in your classes, regardless of your abilities or limitations, but that will add a 100% value to your work anyway?

How much do you really exploit the hours at your disposal, causing a positive impact in your learners?



Often we get angry because the students don’t respond as we would expect. Has it ever happened to you? To me yes, but what if you considered that there is a simple and effective way FOR YOU to meet THEIR needs, while having fun all together?   Before having ever deepened this subject, I was used to only transmit information and notions, without observing HOW the students would have followed me, one by one, in the best way according to their individual capacity and according to their starting level.

After studying the principles of effective teaching in the ‘KNOW HOW of the PERFECT TEACHER’, my exercises have gained shape and color, the logistics have improved, the expectation of the students has grown exponentially as well as their response and memory in what we were doing! Their imagination has began to ‘gallop’, their creativity has exploded, and the moments together haven’t been heavy anymore… far from it : they have instead become an incredible fun!

Not to mention the esteem of their parents and the friendships that were born there and have multiplied since then, even withstanding the test of time (this happens when you say that one harvest what has sown!) I did not imagine in any way that the lessons could have become so dynamic and playful.  


Have you realized the potential that lies in your hands?


  • Do you know you could combine work with pleasure at almost every occasion, without compromising on quality but bringing home a treasure on a daily basis?
  • How much is worth to you a specific Coaching on this subject ?
  • How much valuable for you is a detailed, handy, fast checklist on how to approach your students, preventing unpleasant situations and knowing how to manage each relationship at best?
  • How much is worth to you the chance to use this guideline in your classes at the gym, at school, at dance, wherever you teach?


Here comes ‘DISCOVER HOW TO BECOME THE PERFECT TEACHER’, not to leave anyone behind!

Today you can access complete and effective information, immediate and very practical to implement: – Without going insane for behaviors that you do not know how to handle – Without renouncing to not even one exercise that you would like to do – Sharing your results with colleagues and communicating to them your enthusiasm – Avoiding unnecessary efforts, common mistakes and unproductive actions (when not pejorative) – Varying the approach with always new methods – Making every single hour one lesson of true wealth in itself Specifically , here’s what you’ll discover …  

  • The vital principles to interact with students correctly and WHAT you need, in order to avoid the most common mistakes
  • A little known secret on how to actually be able to improve their feedback while increasing their interest
  • The do’s and don’ts that you should put into practice when you’re trying to explain a new exercise
  • The steps to improve your performance and clarity by increasing their memory along the way within a month, getting a good monitoring of your teaching from them
  • How a simple change/addition on your explanation may help you reach to the cases you believed desperate
  • How to set up a job in progressive goals, stick with them and record the results
  • The key factors that you need to know to effectively succeed where you do not believe it ever be possible in less than a week
  • How to vary the exercises not to bore them ever (and never get bored yourself)
  • Why the majority of the teachers doesn’t manage to take root in the lives of the learners despite the dedication, hard work, commitment and time invested
  • A simple exercise will allow you to break into a confident, informal, clear , interactive and productive way for everybody
  • Permanently eliminates the delays and the ‘ lost time ‘
  • Regain the trust and respect of students and parents, and see how they will remember you in time!
  • The real secret with which the teachers around the world drag the masses as great leaders, is to skillfully put into practice their lessons with the right KNOW HOW – appealing enough to communicate effectively – achieving remarkable results in the lives and education of children; and how you can now possess all this as well

well… then,  


  … And together with the Report DISCOVER HOW TO BECOME THE PERFECT TEACHER, you will also receive the Summary Table that you can print and complete step by step, in order to constantly monitor the results of your work, and the Survey to be delivered to your students to monitor YOUR progress for a common growth! To guarantee you that it is not a joke, you can use it for a month and if after 30 days nothing has changed even practicing only 10% of these indications, I will fully refund you without asking explanations!  



If you are in the dance field, you can pick and choose two Reports among the collection of the WDA English Resources 🙂 Whatever your choice will be, the benefits will be many, because you will also have a lot of material to add to your classes, whether it’s ballet, stretching exercises, floor bar, strengthening, posture, targeted pilates, detox diet… You can choose among a variety of tools, and the project is not going to stop here! Here is a list of resources that you can ask for, as bonuses:


Web Dance Academy English Resources

  1 – ‘Floor Bar in 30 minutes’

  2 – ‘Floor Bar 4 in 1’ 

  3 – ‘Exercises Against the Stress: where you can start for a good health’ (beginners)

  4 – ‘Exercises Against the Stress: where you can start for a good health’ (advanced)



But of course I won’t be able to keep this solution for such a small price too long… Each resource will soon be included in the monthly membership of the WDA blog and at that point, once it will be opened, this Report will disappear from the web to be only available to its members. Hence, if you want to dramatically improve your performance in the teaching YOU MUST ACT NOW, do not further delay the brilliant results you could obtain from today within a month, that will amaze you and everyone else around you!  

Order now DISCOVER HOW TO BECOME THE PERFECT TEACHER and click the button to purchase it for only 7,70 euros, choose the secure payment method that you prefer and you’ll be redirected to a page where you can download the documents in a pdf format, while the 2 exclusive bonuses that you have chosen will be sent upon your request via e-mail after you have communicated me your choice: 1, 2, 3 or 4?



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Alessandra Bedin

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