Alessandra’s knowledge of dance, choreography, and how to build a strong body is demonstrated not only with her words, but with her actions. She is a creative, artistic, technically strong dancer. She has learned a wealth of information on alignment, flexability, nutrition, stamina, and strength throughout her growth as a professional dancer. She is eager to share and help others grow whether in dance, health, or creativity of any kind. She is a dynamo who will work harder than anyone I have ever met to reach her personal best and help others to reach their’s.

Co-founder, teacher, choreographer, dancer, author, mentor at Worship Steps


Dawn Pruszkowski


Alessandra is amazing! She is doing a dance intensive at my home studio this week and wow…it was the best ballet class…

Posted by Brandon Jessie on Lunedì 22 giugno 2015




Discover Alessandra’s awesome Joint Venture with Artists in Motion (Tennessee, USA)!

Who am I to share with you all that you see? I will start by telling you that I never lacked significant experiences in the field of dance and posture. The study of dance since the age of four years should have corrected a problem of rotation to the right foot… And it ended up instead to become my life!

But around the age of twelve, according to the expert recommended by the dance school that I attended then, I should have brought a CORSET to straighten the back… Which threw me into a deep crisis!

I wanted to leave the dance and devote myself to music, but I was immediately reported in line coming to graduate of the Ecole Supérieure de Danse de Cannes.

After the graduation, I travelled throughout Italy with several dance companies, even landing in Germany and Cyprus …

Well, while I was working in a company, one day my spine blocked: it was a compression of the lumbar with a visible and horrible bump. I tried everything to get healed: massage, tractions, physiotherapy… Nothing to do. Sitting, lying, standing, I always had much of a bother!

Fate, however, wanted me to follow a revolutionary postural program when I had the chance to participate to the legendary Ballet Masterclasses in Prague. Here’s how I kept my back in perfect health in later years, no hassles and no fees of physiotherapy!
The horrible lump disappeared!



Meanwhile I was attending specialized courses in order to teach ballet, starting from the propaedeutic at the Choreutic Conservatory of Rome, and holding exams to establish a solid methodological basis to the experience gained in the field.

After having taught for ten years in various dance schools (ballet, pointe work, jazz, preparatory) as well as having directed in the meantime my own school, I understood how to deal with issues related to teaching and posture and I look forward to facilitate the task of those who wish to finally ‘understand how to do it’!

But why I am sharing these solutions with you today?

I find it infinitely uplifting, fun and useful to assist anyone who needs the ‘first steps’ to regain health in an immediate, natural and effective way, especially without expending a single euro of physiotherapy!




I am happy to share this experience because I rejoice in finding tangible positive results thanks to these amazing and unique information, as well as in receiving enthousiastic testimonials of people who have tried it (if you like, even yours, once you have got the benefits of the new posture: what I’ve learned and that worked for me, for sure it will work for you!).

In addition, the last thing I want to do is to let this heritage dust in the drawers of my archives while I KNOW that NOW you would really need it and could benefit 100% of the results I obtained by applying these tips on yourself.

Welcome to the Web Dance Academy,                                    












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