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I began dancing at 4, and have consistently grown with ballet, dance workshops and examinations. After graduating at the renowned École Supérieure de Danse de Cannes ‘Rosella Hightower’ in a totally international atmosphere, I worked in various dance companies in Italy and taught propaedeutics, ballet and jazz in many schools in the Northeast Italy, Rome and Florence. In order to do this, I’ve been studying at the Choreutic Conservatory in Rome, graduating there both as a dancer and as a teacher of classical technique. Then, I have received certifications from the International School of Christian Dance ‘Action!’ (Florence) as a student in the various seminars.


I have attended the ‘Charis’ Bible School in Rome and thanks to Apostle Veronica Smith I’ve got a scholarship for her FTBM Mentoring Program. From 2009 to 2013 I’ve been Country Representative for the International Christian Dance Fellowship, the first winner of the J-FACTOR Italy (first prize, 2009) and the first authorized referent in Europe since 2007 for the ‘Sonshine Christian Ballet’ and ‘Living Dance International’ Syllabi.


After having translated into Italian the work of Dr. Ann Stevenson ‘Dance! God’s holy purpose’ and working on material from all over the world about Christian and prophetic dance, I aim to share all my knowledge online.


From 2001 to 2011 I have been writing articles, interviews, researches and reviews about dance in the local newspaper ’Marca Gioiosa’. I have been directing the ‘Holy Dance Academy’ for three years, teaching at the ‘Action!’ Arts School in Florence and now am working on the project ‘Web Dance Academy’ to share strategies in techniques of ballet and healthy lifestyle. Now I am Ballet Teacher at the Star Rose Academy of Claudia Koll in Rome, Postural Coach at the Moving & Wellness Gym, Country Rep for the Dance Therapy Project within the Federitalia Danza and the Canadian FAAVM. I have been invited as Guest Teacher in Tennessee, for Artists in Motion dance school.

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